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Shapes and styles to suit any design preference

San Diego Window Installation

Shapes & Styles To Suit Any Architectural or Design Requirement

Whether replacing a whole houseful of old, creaky windows with casement, slider or double hung windows; or building a new home from the ground up and looking to frame a gorgeous view with an eye-catching, custom window arrangement, Picture Perfect Windows & Doors has just the right solution for you. We offer vinyl, wood, composite and aluminum windows from a variety of reputable manufacturers for both residential and commercial window installation projects. With Picture Perfect Windows & Doors, you don’t have to compromise to get the shapes and sizes you want, and there are virtually unlimited styles from which to choose. Since they’re custom built, Picture Perfect Windows & Door’s window installation crew will ensure your windows either fit the existing opening, or customize them to fit the size and shape of the window openings in your home. Mix and match – our operable and fixed windows can be combined in a myriad of ways to create just about any window or window system you can imagine. Contact us today for a free quote on your window installation project.

Increase your energy efficiency rating & invest in your home

Nothing has a more immediate impact on the style and curb appeal of your home than its windows. Because the purchase of new or replacement windows is an important investment in the value and enjoyment of your home, and an important financial investment, you should make sure that the windows you buy are built to last a lifetime.

Many windows on the market today are built for low cost rather than durability and long-lasting value. They use mechanically fastened sashes rather than fusion-welded seams, and clear glass rather than thermally-efficient, low emissivity (LowE) glass. We have selected window manufacturers who offer what we consider to be the best value and product on the market today and our window installation crew is the best in the industry.

San Diego Wildfire Zone Replacement Windows

If you live in a San Diego Wildfire Zone and are in the market for Replacement Windows, we’ve got you covered. San Diego County Building Codes state that if you are installing replacement windows and live in a high-risk San Diego wildfire zone, you have to comply with a few basic rules.

  1. Exterior windows/doors must have insulated glass (dual-glazed) with a minimum of (1) one tempered pane (glass block units are acceptable).
  2. Windows must have a fire resistance rating of no less than 20 minutes.
  3. Vinyl window frames and sash must have welded corners.
  4. Replacement windows must be W.U.I.B.S. compliant.
Below are links to zoning maps to check if your home falls within a high-risk San Diego wildfire zone.

Picture Perfect Windows & Doors offers high-quality San Diego wildfire zone replacement windows and doors. Contact us today to learn more.

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