What Makes Windows Last?

Beware of Low Costs Inferior Spacers!

It’s common knowledge that double-glazed windows insulate far better than single-glazed. But did you know that the material the window manufacturer uses to space and hermetically seal the glass unit is probably the single most critical factor in how well the insulating glass performs.

  • How tightly the weather seal is maintained, ultimately defines how long your windows will last.
  • Windows are constantly exposed to temperature changes, bombardment by UV (ultra-violet) rays, barometric pressure changes and wind flow. Most manufacturers use rigid metal or hybrid spacers that do not allow for the natural expansion and contraction that must occur in the insulated glass unit to offset the effects of these pressures on the glass. The result is stress cracks over time and eventual seal failure.
  • Low-tech spacers present another major problem: because they are good conductors, they allow the glass edge to get much colder than the rest of the surface, resulting in low thermal efficiency, harmful condensation and mold formation.

High Performance & Lasting Windows

  • Many manufacturers use rigid metal or hybrid spacers. These low cost, low quality components create mechanical stress which results in poor longevity. Their excessive conductivity also brings about poor performance.
  • Picture Perfect Windows & Doors carries and install the best manufacturers’ models that come with the advanced Super Spacer technology.
  • This graphic shows the true difference our Super Spacer makes in maintaining glass edge temperature. The higher the glass edge temperature, the better the thermal efficiency. That means less condensation, and a longer lasting window.