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Here are some common questions at Picture Perfect Windows & Doors.

What do you recommend for cleaning window glass?
Occasional cleaning  of your new windows is important. We recommend cleaning glass with a mixture of dish soap and water. Rinse completely with clean water and dry with a clean, soft cloth. Do not use petroleum-based cleaners, caustic chemicals, abrasive pads or razor blades or high pressure water hoses. Clean screens with mild soap and water and a soft brush.
What do you recommend for cleaning vinyl windows?

Wash vinyl window and door frames with a mild soap and water. Do not use abrasive or acidic cleaners – they can cause damage to the frame finish. We recommend testing cleaners in a small area first.

Debris and contaminants (bird droppings, sand, etc) should be removed right away. Remove large particles with a soft bristle brush, then wash with warm water and a mild detergent. Use soft, absorbent cloths. Periodic cleanings will keep your window and door frames beautiful for years to come.

What do you recommend for removing condensation from glass panes?
Exterior Condensation
When moist air comes into contact with cool surfaces, such as glass, condensation can occur. Energy efficient windows reduce the amount of interior heat conducting through the glass. At certain dew points this can cause condensation. It means your windows and doors are performing as they should.

Interior Condensation
Condensation on the inside comes from high humidity and low air exchange inside. With older windows drafts could flow through the window opening. With new windows they are air tight and reduce heat loss, which also reduces air flow. You can combat interior condensation by reducing moisture sources (humidifiers, aquariums), increasing ventilation and leaving interior shades up a couple of inches above the sill to allow for air movement.

Can vinyl windows be painted?
If you paint your vinyl windows you are altering the vinyl finish and this will void your warranty. In addition, some paints, particularly dark colors, can cause heat buildup within leading to premature failure of the vinyl and possibly the insulated glass unit.
Can scratches be removed from glass panes?
Scratches in glass are usually from debris during construction or dirt on the glass. There are polishing compounds available that can remove light scuffs and scratches on glass.
What is a Super Spacer?
It’s common knowledge that double-glazed windows insulate far better than single-glazed. But did you know that the material the window manufacturer uses to space and hermetically seal the glass unit is probably the single most critical factor in how well the insulating glass performs.

  • How tightly the weather seal is maintained, ultimately defines how long your windows will last.What Makes Windows Last
  • Windows are constantly exposed to temperature changes, bombardment by UV (ultra-violet) rays, barometric pressure changes and wind flow. Most manufacturers use rigid metal or hybrid spacers that do not allow for the natural expansion and contraction that must occur in the insulated glass unit to offset the effects of these pressures on the glass. The result is stress cracks over time and eventual seal failure.
  • Low-tech spacers present another major problem: because they are good conductors, they allow the glass edge to get much colder than the rest of the surface, resulting in low thermal efficiency, harmful condensation and mold formation.
  • Many manufacturers use rigid metal or hybrid spacers. These low cost, low quality components create mechanical stress which results in poor longevity. Their excessive conductivity also brings about poor performance.
  • Picture Perfect Windows & Doors carries and install the best manufacturers’ models that come with the advanced Super Spacer technology.
  • This graphic shows the true difference our Super Spacer makes in maintaining glass edge temperature. The higher the glass edge temperature, the better the thermal efficiency. That means less condensation, and a longer lasting window.

Replacement Windows Super Spacers

What is Title 24?
Title 24 is an important part of the California Code of Regulations. It addresses energy efficiency in both residential and non-residential buildings. It is also called the California Energy Code, and it’s designed to reduce California’s energy consumption. These building standards are an important part of our state’s future. Before you can get a building permit from the city or county, you must verify the design of the building is in compliance with Title 24. This can be achieved without sacrificing your design dreams!

There are two ways to comply with Title 24 – the Prescriptive Method and the Performance Method. Both reports require information about energy efficiency, but we believe the Performance Method is the method of choice.

The Prescriptive Method is often viewed as the simpler choice to comply with Title 24, but it is also less flexible and each component must meet prescribed minimum energy requirements. This can lead to more work and higher costs.

The Performance Method requires more effort to be compliant but offers more flexibility and is more accurate, and can ultimately save you construction costs. The minimum level of energy efficiency necessary for compliance is calculated through a specialized software program. We recommend this method for new homes and additions.

If you have questions about Title 24 compliance, don’t hesitate to ask! We are here to help.

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