Renaissance Signature Series

AMSCO Windows®

Renaissance Signature Series Composite Windows

The dawn of a new era in windows has arrived, and it’s guaranteed to change the way you think about windows in your home. With the new Renaissance Signature Series and Renaissance Masters Series composite windows from AMSCO, you can now have the elegant beauty of wood without the upkeep. Read more about how this revolutionary product is changing the window industry and its environmentally friendly attributes here.

AMSCO Windows®

Superior Dimensional Stability


High-Temperature Tolerances


Limited Lifetime Warranty


Resistant to Moisture & Mold


Performance Mechanical Fasteners


Hand Crafted in the USA

Inside The Renaissance Series Window

Frame Size

Solid 4 9/16 inch frame provides strength and durability

Lasting Color & Wood Veneer Options

The smooth finish of the composite window material takes on the look of finely painted mill-work that doesn’t peel, fade, or chalk.

Warm Edge Technology

Warm edge technology reduces condensation and provides energy efficiency.

The Best in Glass Options

From mild climates to demanding weather conditions, AMSCO is sure to provide the glass options to meet your specific requirements.

Resin Composite

Composite thermoplastic resins, which look as good as wood without the maintenance. Encapsulated in our SuperCapSR technology.

SuperCAPSR Finish

Encapsulated with an acrylic-based coating, the composite material won’t peel, fade, warp, resists scratching, and can easily be cleaned with soap and water.

AMSCO Renaissance Signature Series Composite Windows

Best in class energy efficiency (K-Value)

Energy Efficiency Features


63% higher thermal value than wood windows


78% higher thermal value than fiberglass windows


Ideal for both cold and hot environments


Best K-Value frame insulation on the market


U-Values as low as .17

Energy Efficiency Comparison

  • AMSCO Renaissance Signature Series Composite Windows 20% 20%
  • Wood Pine Windows 50% 50%
  • Ridged PVC Windows 70% 70%
  • Fiberglass Windows 90% 90%

Lower is better

Available Options

Frame Colors

Gold Metal

Black Metal

Bronze Metal

Chrome Metal

Glass Patterns


The Perfect Glass for Perfect Comfort

CōzE Tint

Block Out the Sun & Control the Glare


The Ultimate Balance of Solar Control & High Visibility

CōzE Vantage

AMSCO Vantage Glass

Glass Specifications

Product Visible Light Transmittance Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Winter U-Factor Ultraviolet Radiation Fading Transmission
Single-Pane, Clear 90% .86 1.04 .71 .84
Dual-Pane, Cear 81% .76 .48 .56 .74
Ordinary Low-E Glass 75% .72 .35 .44 .63
CōzE 70% .37 .30 .14 .53
CōzE Tint 40% .25 .30 .16 .35
CōzE HV 66% .27 .29 .05 .43


The AMSCO Windows® Difference – Peace of Mind

AMSCO Windows® is dedicated to delivering high-quality products that provide value, comfort, and peace of mind. All AMSCO Windows® products are produced knowing that they will be a part of the customer's life for many years. AMSCO Windows® presents that philosophy to customers by backing their products with a limited lifetime warranty. Including AMSCO Windows in your life will bring you peace of mind knowing that should defects arise, they will correct them.

AMSCO Windows®

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